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Lombok travel 2015

paket wisata lombok - On the island of Lombok is known to have many beautiful beaches as chili travel packages that are scattered throughout the region, ranging from western, eastern, northern to the south. But of the many beaches in Lombok, there are some beaches that have beauty, you know more than others and you must visit while Lombok travel vacation in 2015. The beautiful beach in Lombok Lombok travel in 2015 is known to have many beautiful beaches as tourist scattered throughout the region, ranging from the West, east, north to south. But of the many beaches in Lombok, there are some beautiful beaches have over the other and you must visit while on vacation there. The tourism sector has an important role in supporting the success of development in Lombok .Buat you who want to tour please visit Lombok travel in 2015, tourism serves as one tool to increase local revenue. The potential of tourism in the west of the island of Lombok is very supportive and provide an opportunity for the community, and improve the local economy around. In addition, popularly known as the island of a thousand mosques, chili also seems worth mentioning as seeribu island dyke. In addition Tramena Gili (Trawangan, Meno and Air) are so popular in the northern region, as well Gili Nanggu in its southern region, Lombok also has several other Gili on the east side that is not less interesting to visit. There are several Gili there that will dazzle you, including Gili Kondo, Gili Pasir, Bidara Gili, Gili lights, and several other Gili. There was also a unique attractions and adrenaline, you know, who do not know the natural beauty of the mountain this rinjani, want to know? Here I describe the Rinjani mountain. Mount Rinjani in Lombok Timur Tourist attractions this one in the form of volcanoes, and is the second highest volcano in Indonesia tablets. If you are a true adventurer and traveler, one must visit this destination. Cool natural beauty, not only that you also can see the beauty of the lake saplings around Mount Rinjani. Like fishing? The chicks lake you can fish, and quite a lot of fish loh! Beauty attractions on the island of Lombok deserved beauty juxtaposed with tourism on the island of Bali. Structure of nature and the beauty of the island of Lombok is almost similar to Bali. Only difference, when in Bali has often untouched by man while on the island of Lombok is still very jaranga terjaman humans. No wonder if some of the attractions on the island of Lombok still looks very natural, beautiful, not an iota of change induced by human hands. For those of you who need a beautiful atmosphere, then vacation travel to Lombok in 2015 could be your travel destination. Related article: Lombok Property

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Komodo Island

paket wisata lombok Komodo Island is located in Nusa Tenggara islands. Komodo Island is known as a habitat for native animals dragons. The island is also the Komodo National Park. Komodo Island is located to the west of the island of Sumbawa, which are separated by the Sape Strait, including the District of Komodo, West Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. Komodo Island is the most tip western province of East Nusa Tenggara, bordering the province of West Nusa Tenggara. Komodo Island, where dragons animals live and breed well. tour lombok Until August 2009, on the island there are about 1,300 Komodo dragons. Coupled with the other islands, like the island of Rinca and Gili Motang, the amount totaled about 2500 tails. estimated at around 100 individuals dragons in Wae Wuul Nature Reserve on the mainland island of Flores but not including the Komodo National Park.paket wisata lombok In addition Tour Package Komodo, this island also store variety of exotic flora, trees Sepang wood by local people used as medicine and dye clothes, nitak tree (Sterculia oblongata) is believed to be useful as a drug and tasty and good seeds like peas. Komodo Island is very impressive, explore the exotic islands, dive into the blue sea, and bathed in sunshine while looking at the traces of past life are preserved and will become part of the diverse beauty of Indonesia. paket tour lombok Komodo National Park Package - Includes the island of Komodo, Rinca and Padar, plus other islands covering an area of ​​1,817 square is the original habitat of the Komodo dragon. Komodo National Park was established in 1980 to protect the Komodo dragon sustainability. Not only rare animals, KNP also to protect a wide variety of plants and animals, including marine animals.mutiara lombok UNESCO recognized as a World Heritage Site in 1986. Together with the two other large islands, namely the island of Rinca and Padar, Komodo and several smaller surrounding islands continue to be maintained as the original habitat reptile, dubbed the "Komodo". History Komodo Komodo dragon dubbed or Varanus Komodoensis or local name "Ora", this giant lizard according to a story first published in 1912 in a national daily the Dutch East Indies. Peter A. Ouwens, director of the Zoological Museum in Bogor is a person who has been introduced to the world through his paper dragons that. Since then, expeditions and research on this rare species continue to be, even reportedly inspired the film KingKong in 1933. Recognizing the need for protection against the dragon in the middle of human activity on the natural habitat, in 1915 the Dutch government issued a ban on hunting and killing dragons. Komodo Island entered 28 finalists were chosen by a panel of experts from the 77 nominations. Previously there were 261 locations in the world who is nominated to be one of the seven wonders of the world. harga mutiara Komodo Island, which is a mainstay of Indonesia in the event the New7Wonders of Nature has advantages compared to other locations, especially if not dragons, endangered species are believed to be "the last dinosaur on earth '. The campaign is expected to increase knowledge about nature, not only in our environment but also worldwide. and dedicated to the future generations. Including family members Varanidae lizard, and klad Toxicofera, dragons are the largest lizards in the world, with an average length of 2-3 m. Large size is associated with symptoms of island gigantism, ie the tendency of the body meraksasanya certain animals that live on a small island linked to the absence of carnivorous mammals on the island where dragons live, and the rate of metabolism of small dragons. Because of his body, lizards occupying a top predator that dominates the ecosystem in which they live. mutiara lombok Komodo 1910. Her body was found in a great and terrible reputation make them popular zoo. Habitat Komodo dragons in the wild has shrunk and therefore IUCN incorporate dragons as a species vulnerable to extinction. Lizards are protected under Indonesian law and a national park was established to protect them. Actually appeal KNP not solely by the mere presence of Komodo. As I quoted from the official website of the Ministry of Forestry, which manages the site's Komodo National Park, panorama savanna and underwater scenery is the attraction of potential supporters. Eg marine tourism, fishing, snorkeling, diving, canoeing, boating. While on land, natural tourism potential that can be done is a wildlife observation, hiking, and camping. Visit the Komodo National Park and enjoy the natural scenery is very charming an experience that will never be forgotten ...paket wisata lombok Related article: Lombok property

Bali Travel Package 3 Days 2 Nights

Bali Travel Package 3 Days 2 Nights (Code: DKD-3H) prices ranging from Rp 926 000 click travel package chili Vacation Package 3 Days 2 Nights will allow you to adjust your travel plans Bali because there is enough time to visit the places that become your favorite. You can walk to the mountains to enjoy a pollution-free air while seeing the sights open nature such as mountains and lakes, visit the handicraft villages or play water sports beach or you can shop in downtown Kuta with flexibility of time that can you set according to your choice. ITINERARY Day 01: PICK THE AIRPORT & CHECK IN HOTEL The event is free and the rest at the hotel. Day 02: CHOOSE ONE TOUR BELOW: A. BARONG DANCE & KINTAMANI TOUR (B, L, D) After breakfast at the hotel, Guide will pick up in the hotel lobby for further transfer to watch Barong Dance in Batu Bulan village for an hour. After watching Barong continued by visiting the Silver Craft Village Celuk. Lunch was held in Kintamani while enjoy the panoramic beauty of Mount and Lake Batur. The next trip is a visit one of the temple of Pura Tirta Empul Tampaksiring village, which in this village there are Namely Istana Presidential Palace Tampaksiring. Further shopping for souvenirs at the Hawaii Center Presents Bali. From the center of souvenirs Bali proceed to the restaurant for dinner. Completed dinner back to the hotel and free. B. BEDUGUL & LAND LOT TOUR (B, L, D) After breakfast at the hotel, the event began with a trip to the village of Taman Ayun Temple in Mengwi which is a relic temple Mengwi kingdom in the 19th century, next Visiting Bedugul mountainous region with beautiful lakes Bratannya. Lunch at local restaurant which has been specified. After lunch, the next stop in the center of souvenirs Bali where here sold a variety of souvenirs of Bali, the event continued with a visit Alas Kedaton a dwelling place for hundreds of monkeys and birds big bat. From Alas Kedaton next to Pura Tanah Lot temple to see the scenery and the sunset. Dinner at restaurant that has been determined. After dinner back to the hotel and free. C. NUSA DUA & ULUWATU TOUR (B, L, D) After breakfast at the hotel, guide will pick to be escorted walks on the beach of Tanjung Benoa to enjoy the sea view. For those who like a challenge can enjoy sea sports water sport activities such as parasailing, jet ski, banana boat, fly fish, snorkeling, diving and more (Own expense), lunch at local restaurant around Nusa Dua. After lunch the next stopping in the center of souvenirs Bali where it is sold assorted souvenirs of Bali, events continued to visit the Garuda Wisnu Kencana that is central to development Balinese culture, next visit Uluwatu Temple. Of Uluwatu event continued to visit Dream Land is very famous for its beautiful sunsetnya. Grilled fish dinner Typical Jimbaran. After dinner back to the hotel and free. D. CANDIDASA & GARDEN TOUR ENDS (MP, MS, MM) After breakfast at the hotel, guide will pick to be escorted visit Candidasa Beach which is the resting place of the royal family in the ancient kingdom era, next visit Taman Ujung or Sukasada Park which is a very munomental historical evidence of Karangasem royal greatness in the past. The park is located in Ujung Beach Karangasem. Completed lunch then visit Tirta Ganga which is a water park construction in a very unique architecture with Balinese and Chinese styles. After touring the eastern end of the island of Bali The next stop in the center of souvenirs Bali where it is sold assorted souvenirs of Bali, dinner at local restaurant, after dinner back to the hotel and free. E. Besakih & Goa Lawah TOUR (B, L, D) After breakfast at the hotel, the event began with a visit the largest temple in Bali, Pura Besakih located at the foot of Mount Agung. Luncheon at Mahagiri Restaurant while enjoy the beautiful panorama of terraced rice fields and views of towering Mount Agung high. After lunch went to visit the temple of Goa Lawah. Of Pura Goa Lawah proceed to the city to visit Kerta Gosa Klungkung, which this place used where the courts in the Klungkung kingdom. After visiting Kerta Gosa, The next stop in the center of souvenirs Bali where it is sold assorted souvenirs of Bali, dinner at local restaurant, back to the hotel and free program. Day 03: FREE EVENT & TRANSFER TO THE AIRPORT (MP) Breakfast at the hotel. The event is free to check out time and wait for a shuttle to transfer Airport and goodbye to Bali. • Due to space limitations, we only show a limited selection. We are ready airport hotel bookings for the entire hotel in Bali. Please contact us via e-mail or telephone. • Tour Package price does not include air tickets, we also can provide ticket request for all airline aircraft both for individuals and groups INFORMATION: • Rates Valid until March 31, 2016 • Figures 2-3 people, 4-5 people and so on. shows the number of tour participants, the more the number participants of the tour package price per person is getting low. • Prices above for PRIVATE TOUR (Not combined with other guests) • Cars are used: Suzuki APV Arena, Toyota Avanza, KIA Pregio, Isuzu Elf and Bus to 50 seat. Use of a car depends inventory at the time of booking and the number of participants. • Tour Package is only valid for domestic tourists and Kims or Kitas holders and minimal Participants 2 people (adults). • Time to Check In Hotel is 14:00 and Check-out time is 12:00 PM Rooms • Provisions price for children (3-11 years): o Single rooms with parents (1 adult + 1 child) is calculated the same as adult price o Single rooms with parents (2 adults + 1 child) is calculated using the extra bed 75% of price adult. o Single rooms with parents (2 adults + 1 child) without extra bed count 50% of the adult price and does not include breakfast. o A maximum of 1 child (3-11) sharing a room with parents (with the addition of one extra bed) o Baby / Infant (0 -3 years) are not charged • Tour Package price includes: o Stay in the hotel appropriate choice (twin / triple when participants odd), o Eat morning at the hotel, lunch and dinner according the tour itinerary, o Pick-up and delivery to the airport, o 21% tax & service charge, o Guide or speak Indonesian Tour Guide (available also guide Mandarin, the language Japanese, English, Korean, Russian and other languages ​​for an additional fee), o Car / Bus Air-conditioning (standard tourism), o Luggage Car for the participant group / group o Entrance tourist attraction visited. o @ 2 bottles of mineral water per day during the tour o Souvenir • Tour Package price does not include: o tickets, o Airport Tax, o Insurance, o The cost of personal use (Telephone, Internet, Laundry, Room Service, Mini Bar), o The drinks at lunch and dinner that are not listed in the menu, o Tipping for Guide, Driver, Bellboy hotel, and Porter Airport. o Surcharge or additional costs in the period of High Season (HS) and Peak Season (PS) that month June-July (school holidays), August, Eid, Chinese New Year, Christmas and New Year. HS additional costs and PS will be presented at the time of booking when booking coincided with a period HS and PS because each hotel has different provisions regarding the period of the High Season and Peak Season. • reservation, please contact the information services 24 Hours numbers: PT. Marlion LLC BBM: 54BCF78C Whatsapp +6287864575957 Telkomsel: +6282340948073 XL: +6287864575957 Related article: Lombok Property

Lombok tours

paket wisata lombok Lombok tours at this time already very well known in foreign countries and the beach Senggigi is a famous tourist spot in Lombok. It is located next to west coast of the island of Lombok. Senggigi Beach is baseball at Kuta Beach in Bali, but once we were here will feel like being at Kuta Beach, Bali. Coastal beaches are still beautiful, although there are still scattered leaf litter because rarely cleaned. tour lombok Underwater scenery is very beautiful, and tourists can do snorkeling as much because the waves are not too big. Ketengah towering coral reefs causing large waves breaking in the middle. There are also hotels with varying prices, from expensive to economically valuable hotel in Lombok these tours. paket wisata lombok This beach yes distance of about 6 km from the airport Selaparang, Mataram. Beach area is equipped with various facilities such as lodging, entertainment venues, until the art market that sells various local products art. Evenings are usually held pertubjukan traditional dance in the open.mutiara lombok Many foreigners fascinated by Lombok travel, in addition to calm choppy beaches with beautiful panorama, as well as the beauty of the marine park in Lombok. The beauty of Senggigi in Lombok besides shore is a small island flock consisting of Gili Air, Gili Meno, Gili Trawangan, small islands located in the northwest of the island of Lombok tours. paket tour lombok Chili culinary tours of traditional culinary Lombok, we did not forget to eat international flavored cuisine or from other areas. So while enjoying the romance of a sunset in Pura Batu Bolong Senggigi, we walk along the beach in the direction of Cafe Alberto. A restaurant and cafe which has an outdoor setting. Where chairs and dining tables laid out on the beach, like in Jimbaran Bay, Bali. Equipped soft glowing candles. We enjoyed fruit punch while looking at the orange sky slowly changed color to dark blue and dark. This restaurant has a dish eccletic as well as several national menu and focus on the pizza cooked dish made wood-fired oven. Our choice fell on a package of fried duck with rice. harga mutiara The other dinner occasion, we come to the Lotus Restaurant. A place to eat that makes us always want to come back, every time a visit to Lombok. By setting overlooking the beach, the interior of this restaurant chain in line with the existing Lotus Restaurant in Ubud. Both in the region and the Monkey Forest Road, which is located near Pura Saraswati. Tables covered with ceramic tiles and picture lotus leaves and a frog. While container candles and a vase depicting lotus petals. This restaurant also has a chain in Singapore.paket wisata lombok